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 - Margery de Brissac Bernard (1896-1994) had been teaching Walter Fitzgerald's two-year-old daughter Julia dancing in a room in Caroline Terrace, Chelsea, London and she decided that she would like to open a Kindergarten. Walter offered her a room in their house in Cadogen Gardens and a school was started with four little girls. The school grew quickly and by 1951 had become such a success that Miss de Brissac had to move Garden House pre-prep school to it's current location in Sloane Gardens. During her 20 year tenure as Head Mistress, Miss de Brissac educated the children and grand-children of diplomats, Prime Ministers including Winston Churchill and Alec Douglas-Home and of President John.F.Kennedy.




 - "During the last years of his very long life I took that splendid old character, Walter Fitzgerald, to dine at The Garrick. He had suffered a grievous car accident and was now blind and lame. A lady, a guest of one of the members, spied Walter sitting under the stairs with his white stick. She bounded over to him to ask, "Excuse me, are you Leslie Banks?" "No", said Walter. "He's been dead much longer than I have!"

told by Derek Nimmo undefined




- A domestic problem that has a macabre ending:- May it be a warning to all housewives, or on the other hand a recipe for getting rid of the unwanted:

"Single sheet on a double bed,

Short at the bottom, short at the head,

Pull to the left, pull to the right,

Mummy's got nothing but Dad's alright,

Daddy was a Welshman, Daddy was a cheat,

But Mummy was a battleaxe and very hard to beat,

Tugging at the blankets in the midnight air,

Mummy soon had everything and Daddy's chest laid bare,

Daddy lay there shivering in the icy dawn,

While Mummy slept complacently like a babe new born,

Doctor came and certified Daddy died at seven,

So they wrapped him in the single sheet and packed him off to Heaven."

Walter Fitzgerald, The Garrick Club, W.C.2